Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trey is 4!

Today was a great day! Aunt Katie woke Trey up with breakfast in bed. We broke a couple house rules, no food in your room and definitely no candles. It was well worth it when we saw the excitement on his face. We then had his birthday party at the kids gym in the Y. All of his buddies came to run, bounce and eat a train puzzle cake. We ended the day by letting him pick what he wanted for dinner. Cheese pizza of course, so we headed to Fortels. Trey had a great 4th Birthday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My little brother is married!

This weekend TJ and Ashley got married! The weather was perfect and everything was beautiful! The kids each had a special part in their day. Taylor did the guest book, Delaney was the flower girl and Trey was the ring bearer. We knew the girls would be fine, but we were a little worried about Trey. If you remember he didn't do so well walking down the aisle at Aunt Tammy's wedding. To be honest he didn't walk down the aisle at all. We did use a little bribery. Uncle TJ told him that he would buy him a train if he walked down the aisle. The weekend started with the rehearsal which went well. Then we had dinner at Pietro's. I was a little worried when Trey asked about the train Uncle TJ promised him. When I told him he had to walk down the aisle first he said, "I already did". I guess we didn't explain that he would do it twice, once at the rehearsal and then the real deal. Even with that little misunderstanding they did great. Trey did move around quite a bit but what can you expect, he is a three year old boy. All in all it was a great weekend. Congratulations TJ and Ashley!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Track Meet

This time it was a track meet for Laney. Tuesday night the Elementary schools had their annual track meet. Laney was so excited. Everyday she came home and reported how the relay practice was going. She was so excited to be on the relay team. We prayed all day for no rain. Three ribbons and clear skies, who can ask for anything more!