Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trey's Thoughts

Trey loves to talk to me while we drive, especially when it is just the two of us. Here are some of his recent thoughts/questions....

Trey - How did God make all of these people so fast?.

Me - Everyone is not the same age, so we weren't all made at the same time

Trey - So God isn't finished yet?

Me - Know he isn't

Trey - When God is finished making people how do they get down here?

Me - You need to ask Pastor Dave these questions.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last night was the Middle School Track meet. Taylor did a phenomenal job. She ran 3 events and placed in all of them. In the 4 x 200 relay Taylor got a 1st Place ribbon. In the 100 meter and the 4 x 100 she got 2nd Place ribbons. It was a great night for the track meet. The rain held off and the kids had a great time. Hope for the same tonight with the Elementary Track Meet.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daddy's Favorite Time of Year!

It is that time of year - Baseball season!

Darnel loves this time of year. He has tickets to the Cards games with one of his friends, he watches any game he is not at on T.V. and carries his love of the game into coaching with the kids. He is the head coach of Taylor's team and helps assist at practices for Trey's team. Every Saturday all of the kids have practice. You can tell Darnel looks forward to Saturdays. Taylor and Delaney practice at the same time in the am, so I take Delaney and since Darnel is the coach he takes Taylor. Trey tags along with me since he practices later in the day. Each of the kids has a differnt level of interest in the game. Taylor likes playing but you definitly see her being more social at practice than focused on the game. Every Saturday Darnel reminds Taylor on their drive to practice that she needs to remember why she's there - to practice. I take Delaney to practice. She is totally on the other end of the spectrum. She hangs on every word her coach says. Raises her hand when the coach asked who wanted to learn to be a pitcher, and recites every word the coach said in the car on the way home. She LOVES it and can't get enough. Then we have Trey. He loves to collect flowers in his glove for his Mommy. Uses his glove as a bucket and fills it with dirt and then raises it in the air to watch the dirt fly out. He didn't even scream with excitement like the other kids when coach announced he had uniforms. Our son ran to the playground instead. So why is it that the one practice Darnel can not attend is the practice for our child that LOVES Daddy's favorite sport?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Tryouts for Pommies began this week. Taylor was very busy trying to learn the routine. She had clinics on March 11, 12th and 15th. Each day she went to clinics from 3:30-5:30 and then went on with her daily routine after that. On the 11th she did clinics till 5:30, came home ate dinner and went to dance from 6:30-7:30. When she got home she did homework and got ready for the next day. The 12th she finished clinics at 5:30 and then went to a friends at 6:30 to spend the night and practice the Pommie routine again. On Saturday she had dance from 1-2, did a private lesson with a friend and the Studio owner from 2 - 2:30 and then went to a friends house to practice the pommie routine from 2:30-5. Sunday she practiced again from 1-5. Monday clinics started again and then dance that evening from 7-9. She practiced again on Tuesday hoping to get one more good practice in before tryouts on Wednesday. On Thursday 3/18 she would find out. I prayed that afternoon that she would make the squad because she wanted it so bad and worked so hard. At 2:40 all the girls who tried out were called to the office and recived an envelope. At 3:00 I got the call. With all her friends screaming in the background she told me that she made the JV Pom squad. She was so excited and I was so proud of her!