Tuesday, January 20, 2009

34 Reasons We Love Daddy!

34 Reasons we love our Daddy!

1. He's a great basketball coach!
2. He lets us eat breakfast for dinner even though mom doesn't like it.
3. He plays Guitar Hero with us.
4. He orders all the newest movies from Blockbuster for us to see.
5. He likes to eat breakfast at McDonald's
6. He's a great softball coach!
7. He comes to all of our school activities
8. He likes to take bike rides.
9. He likes to eat out
10. He plays games with us.
11. He reads Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve
12. He rides roller coasters
13. He builds train tracks.
14. He puts together all our toys and replaces all the batteries.
15. He likes to watch movies
16. He always does pizza and movie night on Fridays
17. He plays with us at the pool.
18. He's a great Worship Host at church
19. He's a great soccer coach even if he didn't know anything about soccer
when he started coaching.
20. He can fix anything even if he has to use liquid nails, duck tape or super glue.
21. He likes to pop popcorn for us, not microwave popcorn.
22. He's a great husband.
23. He's a great dad
24. He takes us to see the St. Louis Cardianls play!
25. He makes great pancakes and waffles
26. He's cute
27. He loves everything we make for him.
28. He's smart!
29. He helps us with homework
30. He helps me with my hermit crabs and takes them out of my room at night.
31. In the summer he goes off the diving board with me.
32. He takes me in the deep water at the pool.
33. He takes me to the train place
34. He really is a COOL dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!
Taylor, Delaney and Trey

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Amy said...

35. He drives all the way to Festus to see the Perrys.

Happy Birthday Mr. Darnel! (from the little Perrys)