Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Magic!

Trey working at the construction site.
Laney serving pizza at the Magic House Pizza Parlor.
Trey and Laney joined in on a game of Ring -a-Round the Rosey with the statues.

On Monday night we went to the Magic House for their Ice Cream Social. The kids had a blast eating ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery and playing until they locked the doors. Trey loved working in the construction zone. He made sure no one took the wheel barrow that he filled with foam bricks. Laney served pizza to Daddy and then invited Trey and I to join them. Laney also loved the shadow wall where you pose and a light flashes and displays your pose on the wall. If you know Laney you can only imagine how crazy she got in that room. As the night was ending Trey and Laney slid down the 3 story slide. What was supposed to be one time down turned into 100 times before Darnel and I had to block the staircase to the top of the slide. The kids had a ball and were good and tired when we left. Fun like this always makes for a good nights sleep.

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