Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Hayride

Hay+Frost Allergies=Lots of fun

We belong to a group at church called Carpe Diem. The group consists of families w/ kids. Each month there is an activity for couples or the entire family. This month was the Family Hayride. Darnel was not thrilled about going since it included hay which he is allergic to, but he agreed since it would be fun for the family. Before the hay ride we had a cookout with hot dogs and lots of sides and desserts that the families brought. The kids had fun playing on the playground at the park until it was time for the ride. We had a great time on the hayride, throwing hay,which Darnel LOVED and enjoying the Fall weather. Trey did let us know that he was not a fan of the dark. He said he didn't like it because of the monsters. As we walked to the car Trey said, That was so much fun!" (the hayride, not the dark)

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