Sunday, November 2, 2008



We had a blast on Halloween this year. With it falling on a Friday night we had plenty of time to eat our Halloween dinner of Sloppy Joes and still have the whole evening ahead of us. We started Trick or Treating at 6 pm. My mom, Stephanie, Darnel and I took Trey and Laney. Taylor and 3 of her friends went ahead of us. We started off with Laney telling a joke and Trey saying, "Happy Halloween". When we were on the last street Trey decided to steal Laney's joke. This made Laney irate. She started yelling at Trey infront of the people. I calmly said, Laney let him finish and then you can say it your way. As my children were screaming at each other I calmly said Happy Halloween to the couple and headed towards the driveway which Trey and Laney were already running down in an attempt to get to the 1 seater wagon, which my mom had stopped to get at her house. She said it was a two seater, which it wasn't unless you are talking baby dolls.
This was how the evening went on for the remainder of our trick or treating. They ran to the door said Happy Halloween or a joke and then raced to the wagon with one always left crying on the side. Next year we will have our real 2 seater wagon. After the eventful trick or treating we went back home for a fire in the outdoor fireplace and to roast marshmallows. Then we headed home and left Taylor and 3 other 13 year old girls to spend the night at Mama and Papas. Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting the sleepover. The girls had a blast and loved staying up until 3 am.

By the way here are the jokes they said:

Laney: Why did the skeleton cross the road? Because he had no guts. (Yes, she said why did , not didn't)

Trey: Why did the skeleton cross the road? Because he hated bones.

The last photo is the Mountain of candy we now have thanks to a fun evening of Trick or Treating!

Happy Halloween!

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