Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Girl Talk!

Today I picked Delaney and her friend Anna up from art camp. As we were driving home I listened to their conversation.

Anna : How much does your Dad weigh?

Laney: I don't know, but he has BIG muscles.

Anna: My Dad weighs 200 lbs. He is strong. He works out every single day.

Laney: My Dad works out everyday too. He works out in our basement.

Anna: My Dad works out in the basement too!

Laney: Sometimes I work out with my Daddy on my mom's exercise stuff.

Anna: I sometimes work out with my Dad too.

This is just one of many conversations I love to listen to when Laney has friends over. They are so funny to listen to.

A Little Bit of Magic!

Trey working at the construction site.
Laney serving pizza at the Magic House Pizza Parlor.
Trey and Laney joined in on a game of Ring -a-Round the Rosey with the statues.

On Monday night we went to the Magic House for their Ice Cream Social. The kids had a blast eating ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery and playing until they locked the doors. Trey loved working in the construction zone. He made sure no one took the wheel barrow that he filled with foam bricks. Laney served pizza to Daddy and then invited Trey and I to join them. Laney also loved the shadow wall where you pose and a light flashes and displays your pose on the wall. If you know Laney you can only imagine how crazy she got in that room. As the night was ending Trey and Laney slid down the 3 story slide. What was supposed to be one time down turned into 100 times before Darnel and I had to block the staircase to the top of the slide. The kids had a ball and were good and tired when we left. Fun like this always makes for a good nights sleep.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making Yummy Desserts!

This is definitely a kid that loves chocolate!

Aunt Stephanie took the girls to McDonald's for lunch on Thursday. When Delaney asked for a bag of McDonaldland cookies Aunt Stephanie said, "Let's just make some cookies at home." Little did she know that she would end with two different kinds of cookies and a batch of brownies. The girls of course did not agree on one kind of cookie, so Aunt Stephanie got both. Then Trey wanted brownies. Now they have a house full of yummy desserts. By the picture you can tell what Trey thinks is the best part when we make brownies and cookies at home.

Kids Summer Getaway

While I am hard at work at a Web design workshop Wed. and Thurs. the kids are having the best time staying at Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Dave's house. Yesterday they swam from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. They only got out of the pool long enough to eat lunch on the pool patio. Stephanie said they wouldn't even come in the house to eat. After swimming all day they went to Pizza Hut for dinner. It might be hard to get them to come home on Friday.

Trey learned how to do a belly flop off the diving board. He called last night to say good night and to tell me he got a Thomas the Train kite.
Laney also got to dive off the diving board and learned to do it with no floaty wings. She has been wanting to do that all summer at our pool.
Taylor learned how to do a back flip off the diving board. Thanks to uncle Dave who was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons.
Aunt Stephanie looks very relaxed here. I hope she still looks like this on Friday. Thanks Steph and Dave for taking care of the kids. I know they are having a blast!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hannah Montana Tour Bus

A Replica Tour Bus for Hannah Montana pulled into Chesterfield Mall on Tues. July 22nd. The kids were so excited about going to see it. The girls each invited a friend and we went out to lunch before heading to the Mall. Taylor took her friend Cara and Delaney took Hanna. Trey was excited about going even though he really had no idea what the girls were so excited about.
Inside the Tour Bus!
We couldn't believe the line when we arrived at the bus. Luckily I asked a security guard how everything worked since there were obviously lines for different activities. He explained the huge line was for the bus, and all the little lines were for rock star hair styles, karaoke and pictures with cardboard cutouts of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. Taylor and Cara did not want their hair done, so they held our spot in line for the bus while Trey, Laney and Hanna went to get their hair done.
The line for hair styles took awhile, so by the time we got up to the front Trey had opted out. I guess he just doesn't want to be messy. (Although having poopy underwear doesn't bother him) The girls got their Rock Star hair done and we headed back to the line to see the tour bus! Doesn't Laney look like a true Rock Star! Our last activity was Karaoke. Delaney and Hanna did Karaoke where they sang Best of Both Worlds. This was a lot of fun and they gave us a recording of them singing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Staying Cool at the Pool!

Cooling off in the sprinklers!

Delaney had a Birthday party at the Lodge, so after the party we decided to stick around and swim since it was almost 100 degrees. Darnel was busy helping his mom move, so it was just the kids and I. The kids had a great time in the wave pool, lazy river and on the slides. It was even nice to see Taylor walking around helping Delaney get to the different slides. (Delaney isn't tall enough for the slides at our pool so she was excited she could do the slides at the Lodge) The girls were on the slides and wave pool most of the time and Trey loved the toddler slides. We played for 2 hours and when it was time to go everyone still complained.

Trey's Singing Debut!

Singing Debut!

Yesterday all of the children from Vacation Bible School had the opportunity to share the songs they learned at VBS during the service. Trey and Delaney both did a great job. Since Trey was up in front it was easier to take pics of him. In the pic he is doing the hand motions to one of the songs. We were happy they both sang and participated. Trey's friend on the left was squeezing his lips together with his fingers at one point. It always makes me a little nervous when they are performing. You never know what they will do. I did video tape, but since I'm new at this it might take me awhile to figure out how to get the video on here.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Museum Of Transportation

Museum of Transportation

Many of you know Trey's obsession with trains. He loves the Museum of Transportation, which has a lot of trains to look at and a train and trolley you can ride. We made plans to meet our friends at the museum this morning and started our visit with a train ride. We then walked around and looked at all the trains, took a trolley ride, looked at the car exhibit and finished the trip with another train ride. Darnel was really looking forward to this trip since Trey knows a lot more about trains now than he did last time we were at the museum. So you can only imagine the disappointment when all Trey wanted to do was play with the wooden train table identical to the one we have at home. We really thought he would get excited about seeing the real thing up close. After 2 hours at the museum the children were fading and everyone was ready for lunch.
We decided to do lunch at O'Charley's which is one of Delaney's favorite restaurants. She's not your normal McDonald's kind of kid. We enjoyed lunch with the Perry's and then headed home for naps. (All of us)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

Today the kids and I had dentist appointments. The girls have been before, but it was Trey's first visit. On the way to the Dentist Trey and Laney fought over who would go first. Since Trey was so excited we decided to let him be the first one in the chair. He was such a big boy. He climbed up into the chair and opened wide before the Dr. even said a word. (We practiced a lot at home) When Dr. Taylor was finished he lowered the chair for Trey to get down. Instead of getting out of the chair like most people Trey slid off the end of the chair like it was a slide. Dr. Taylor gave him a new toothbrush and he was off. He was so excited. Laney and Taylor are old pros since they have been to the dentist before. They had their check-ups and received new toothbrushes. Everything checked out great for everyone. Laney did get a little talk from the dentist about sucking her thumb. He said if she stops now she has a better chance of not needing braces. We would love that since Dr. Taylor has already said Taylor shouldn't need them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Frost Family is Blogging!

Well I finally decided to catch up with the world and create a family blog. We are so busy this is going to be great for all of our family and friends to keep up with our crazy lives.

Hope you enjoy!